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Steel bars for offset printing - Scarioni Printing Systems

The company Scarioni began its production activity back in 1958, when Luigi Scarioni began to produce molds and pieces for precision mechanics for the film industry. Subsequently, in 1970, the son Osvaldo remained at the helm of the company, he understood the importance of starting the production of steel and aluminum bars for the printing industry, production that over the years has become more and more advanced and technological thanks to a exclusive patent developed by Osvaldo Scarioni; this production from that distant 1970 has never stopped.
Today our bars are used all over the world for every type of traditional and digital press.

Among our international customers there are the major manufacturers of blankets, which see Scarioni an important partner whose strengths have always been accuracy in service and flexibility, combined with the fundamental importance of being true producers; this allows us to meet the requirements of every type of bar, both in terms of size and material, whether they are made of aluminum or steel. In order to satisfy all the possible requests of the printing industry, Scarioni also offers an accurate conversion service.
Today the tradition is carried on with the collaboration of two sons, Silvia and Simone. New equipment and technologies will be the strong point of this transformation. With this further generational change the name of the company has recently become SPS EUROPE Srl (Scarioni Printing Systems).