Steel Bars Scarioni Printing Systems

There is on the market a very large range of printing machines, therefore our Company also offers a large range of aluminum bars. In fact, we produce the largest range of aluminum bars for every printing machine, both in standard version or customized. Our aluminum bars are made in alloy 6060, characterized by the presence of silicon and magnesium, which make them more flexible, but at the same time extremely resistant. This is the best compromise that, since ever, make our bars a unique, perfect and reliable product.

All our profiles are in compliance with UNI EN 573-3 rules.

All our bars are packed with plastic transparent envelops, hermetically sealed in order to avoid umidity and polluting agents infiltrations. Every package can be made by 50 or 100 pcs according to the customer request and labeled with the customer logo and bar codes.

Special processings:
> drilling
> milling
> slot for Komori printing machine
> and many others