Steel Bars Scarioni Printing Systems

We produce and supply bars for every kind of printing machine, both offset and digital. In fact, we are manufacturers and thanks to our research and development carried out in approximately 50 years in the graphic arts field, we are able to satisfy every customer need.

All our steel bars are produced only by certified materials according to the UNI-EN 10346 and UNI-EN 10152 rules:

Electrogalvanized steel: certification DX51D+ZM120MBCE1

The electrogalvanized steel is electrolytically coated by zinc in order to have a product which is protected against corrosion and to get a better adherence and reliability during the converting operation, both with the heat assembly (with adhesive tape) or with the cold assembly (with the two components glue which is resistant at high and low temperatures).

magnesium zinc plated metal coating: certification DX51D+ZM120MBCE1

Zinc magnesium coating offers a much higher protection against corrosion compared with the traditional electrogalvanized one.

All our bars are without chrome, nickel and any other material which could be harmful to the environment.

All our bars are packed with plastic transparent envelops, hermetically sealed in order to avoid umidity and polluting agents infiltrations. Every package can be made by 50 or 100 pcs according to the customer request and labeled with the customer logo and bar codes.

Our Company can therefore supply bars with standard processing or customized upon request; for instance:

Special processings:
> drilling
> milling
> slot for Komori printing machine